Essential Campervan Components

Campervan rental is one of the easiest ways to acquire your dream holiday. The freedom and experiences that comes with a campervan is completely invaluable. Your budget will determine the type of campervans available to rent and the features inside.

Here we will look into the importance of certain amenities found inside campervans and why you should familiarise yourself with them before you set off on your dream holiday.


Campervans will usually use the Thetford Cassette toilet. The “cassettes” can be easily removed and replaced when needed. It is wise to enquire about the cassette location and to check that they are easily accessible. The flush of the toilet will be manually or electronically operated, and should be checked by the rental company before the rental agreement to ensure that it is functional.


There are two water systems that are commonly used within a campervan. These systems will often include a locking cap that prevents contamination. A drainage tap can be found underneath the framework of the system. It is wise to double check that there are no leaks coming from the water tank before you set off on your journey.


The gas system on board is not just used for cooking. The gas is also used to heat water from the water tank and provide you with hot water for drinks or showers should you have a campervan with a shower on board. Be sure to double check that the gas flows smoothly from the tank to the water and cooker. Also, be sure to check for any signs of stress that make cause a leak from the gas tank.


The rental company that you have chosen should have checked the electric prior to your rental agreement. The direct current system will power the lights and electrical sockets. The alternating current system will power the charger.


You should double check that all the mechanical aspects of your campervan are fully functional and up to your high standards. Be sure to check the campervans’ locks, windows, and sunroof should it have one.