North Wales - The Land of Adventure

This is the land of adventure, perhaps you're thinking of braving the Rockies, Andes, Kunluns, or  even Himalayas, but why not start with an equally beautiful adventurous playground of possibility. North Wales. Voted Adventure Capital of the UK, Considered the most beautiful location in the UK, Adventure Capital of Europe.

Home to some unbelievable activities like adventures below the earth, Europe's longest zip-wire, the world's first inland surf lagoon, The highest mountain in 3 of 4 UK Nations which is also considered the most climber-friendly mountain in the UK, which has a train that goes up to the summit! Ideal for those who don't have the time to make the journey or physically unable to do so. This is all great, but how on earth am I supposed to sustain myself while living away in this amazing sounding wilderness location?

Well, you’re in luck, as North Wales is surprisingly incredibly easy to access, being only 1-2 hours away from Northern cities like Chester, Liverpool and Manchester, and 4 hours from London. In addition to this, there are a fantastic number of varied accommodation options, whether its B&B, Hostels or Snowdonia Hotels, there really is something to suit absolutely everyone at ideal prices.

North Wales is bordered in large part by the terrific magnificence of azure oceans, and this, of course, means that there are wide swathes of beaches and islands, including Anglesey which lies to the far north of Wales across the strait of Menai.

The world famous Llanddwyn island on the Isle of Anglesey is a fairytale-like realm in which there exists a serene peace like no other. The peace and quiet environment of the island bring attention to the few grand landmarks which exist on it.

With Snowdonia National Park being the adventure playground of Wales. Woodland Thanks to the UK’s temperate climate, we have plenty of green luscious woodland to explore, with fable-like pathways to adventure upon.

Lakes & Rivers
This land is home to a multitude of pools and streams of water alike if you decide to go to one of these you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty and serenity of what you could find there.