Self catering Accommodation and the Rise of AirBnB

For those that prefer a more laid back approach to holidaying, we’re more than certain you’ll also find Aberdovey Hillside Village to your liking. Self-catering in Aberdovey has never been more restful, peaceful, tranquil or luxurious than at Aberdovey Hillside Village, and with a number of properties designed for accommodating some very happy holidays, it really doesn’t get better than this.

Part of the rise of self-catering accommodation has to be attributed to services such as AirBnB.

AirBnB is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s one which has always made sense, as while hotels certainly do have their fans, conducting your entire holiday from a single room (or a few, if you’re a family) can feel a little stifling sometimes. Furthermore, when you think of how much money you pay for a single hotel room, it makes so much more sense to invest it on the usage of an entire building. Hence, AirBnB has become very popular in recent years.

Saying that, there is one problem with AirBnB. It’s a little awkward, sometimes, to think that you’re in a stranger’s home and occupying space that they have cleared, but still live in. Air BnB’s shared rentals are even stranger- some people, a rather high volume of people actually, don’t like the idea of making small talk with a (well-meaning, and we’re sure very nice!) stranger while they’re trying to distress and unwind from the day to day.

Aberdovey Hillside Village gives you the very best of the AirBnB model – self-contained houses and apartments for rental- without any of the drawbacks. Each property in Aberdovey Hillside Village was designed and constructed for the purpose of holiday rental, and each property is unoccupied by all except visitors- in the same manner as a hotel room is. 

Furthermore, each house benefits from professional cleaning services, as well as a business approach to the lets – guaranteeing that except for the most unlikely of circumstances, you’ll never have to worry about your booking being cancelled.

Aberdovey Hillside Village, for all effects, is AirBnB before AirBnB was invented. Just better. It’s for that reason that a lot of their guests are repeat visitors. If you’re interested in a fresh approach to your holidays, we highly recommend giving this pretty little holiday village a try.