Surviving and Planning a Ski Holiday with Friends

Planning a group ski holiday is a big commitment and a lot of responsibility, especially if it’s your first 
time. It’s also probably going to be some people's only trip to the mountains of the season, so you 
don’t want to get things wrong and ruin it for them. In order to plan a great group skiing holiday, you 
need to find out the following essential information. 

Dates & Budgets
So, you should have a rough idea of who will be coming with you on your trip, so the most logical first 
question is ‘what dates can/can’t people do’ and ‘how much are people willing/able to spend’ - the 
answers to these questions will narrow down your options significantly.
Sending out that initial holiday text or WhatsApp message can be the best kick-start for other people 
wanting to come along. Once you’ve got a few date possibilities that work for the group, get everyone to 
decide together which one works best - having too much choice can make the process a lot longer and 

Ability Levels
You should have some idea of the skiing ability of the people in your group, but if you are unsure, just 
This is going to have a big impact on which resorts you should be considering and which you should rule
out immediately. Skiing holidays Flaine could be a perfect option, with hassle free ski in, ski out 
accommodation and a variety of slopes for everyone. 
Most resorts can cater for all different ability levels, but some aren’t suitable for those who are more 
experienced. If you have a mixed ability group you will need to make sure that the resort you pick can 
cater for everyone, the last thing you want is grumpy skiers who don’t feel as though the slopes are 
challenging enough for them. 

Party Animals?
Finding out how hard people want to party will also help with choosing your resort and accommodation.
You should already have a good idea of this as you’ll be friends with most of the group you’ll be going 
with. The worst thing would be to end up in a nice and quiet traditional resort with a group of party 
On the whole, most groups tend to go for at least one big night out per ski trip, and most of the resorts 
will have at least one or two lively bars to keep the beer flowing for you apres-ski!

Other Activities
Depending on the people in your group, you may want to choose a resort with other activities apart 
from just skiing. Perhaps you have some non-skiers coming with you, or maybe you’ll want to do a 
different organised activity as a whole group. Depending on which resort you choose, there will be 
slightly different non-skiing activities on offer. Some have activities like snow biking, tobogganing, 
winter walks and spas. 

This is a polite way of saying, cash! Once you’ve done all your research and the group is happy with 
the chosen destination and dates, you need their confirmed commitment and some money to go along 
with it. 

Group skiing holidays are all about finding a good balance that everyone can enjoy, whilst spending 
some quality time with great friends. It can be tricky, and you might want to pull your hair out, but if you 
can nail it, it will be a trip to remember for many years to come.