What To Look For In Your Hotel

Depending on the reason for your break there are certain amenities you should look out for. Apart from the obvious which is room quality and cleanliness there are different expectations depending on the type of traveller.

Business Travellers

If you are away on business it is important that you can get your work done on the go. Some hotels Llandudno offer conference spaces also which may be the reason for your visit – so making sure the conference venue has everything you need to run smoothly is important.
Take a look at some of the other things you may need to consider if you are a business traveller.

  • High-speed internet – for seamless conferences and communication
  • Ample power outlets – to keep gadgets plugged in and charged
  • Desk – to work in comfort
  • Iron and Ironing Board – to keep suits or blouses looking fresh for any business meetings

Holiday Travellers

For holiday travellers the amenities are a lot different as you are visiting for a vacation from work. You’re looking to ditch the day to day schedule, let your hair down and relax. Some things you may be looking for in a hotel Llandudno as a holidaymaker are:

  • Kitchenette (such as a fridge, microwave and tea making facilities) – for added convenience and home comforts
  • Spa services & Recreational facilities – to help you unwind, relax and stay entertained during your stay
  • Dining – a restaurant on premises for hassle-free dining

Weekend Travellers

Weekend travellers are much like holiday goers, but time is a lot more precious. Take a look at the things you might need to consider if you are on a tight schedule.

  • Luggage Storage – so when you arrive you can drop your bags off to explore
  • Quality Toiletries – carrying your luggage will mean you want to travel as light as possible
  • Tourist Attractions close by – to access tourist spots easier in a limited time

Family Travellers

Family travellers will be looking for a few extras too to accommodate their little ones including:

  • Baby cribs/cots – so everyone can get a good night’s sleep
  • Laundry facilities – accidents happen and kids can be messy
  • Kid-friendly bathroom essentials – step stools and gentle soap make for a tear free bath time


After an amazing wedding day you will want to spend some time with your loved one away from the wedding drama. By choosing a hotel with facilities with honeymoons in mind you can make your honeymoon equally magical. Here are some of the things you may want to consider:

  • Spa facilities – to help you relax after the big day
  • Luxury bathrobes – so you can sit back and enjoy bubbly from the comfort of your bed
  • Room service – so you never have to leave the love nest.