What Does a Self-Catering Holiday Mean?

There are so many styles of holidays out there and it can be hard to understand how they all differ from one another. It’s best to make sure you know what you’re booking, so you don’t get any strange surprises when you arrive. Most cottages Aberdovey are self-catered – so we’re going to provide you with an easy to understand explanation of what a self-catered holiday means.

What is a Self-Catering Holiday?

A self-catering holiday means that you have the flexibility to cook yourself, or eat out if you choose. It’s a popular choice for people who want freedom to eat when they want, and what they want when travelling. You can enjoy the culture of the place you’re visiting, and try a local restaurant every night if you like!

If you book a self-catered accommodation, you should have a kitchen with all the necessary pots and utensils it requires to do your own cooking. The cooking space will differ at each place you stay – it will depend on things like how many people it’s supposed to accommodate. 

What’s the benefit of choosing self-catered holidays?

1. It can be the cheaper option.

Self-catering holidays are more often than not cheaper than all-inclusive holidays. This is because you’re not replying on the accommodation/resort to supply you with food. 

What you save from opting for self-catered, you can spend as you wish. However, you must make sure that you budget to sort out any arrangements for food and drink whilst you’re there. Cooking big dishes for the family, or going out to reasonably priced restaurants can be a money saver!

2. You can dine like a local and mix with the culture. 

Although going All Inclusive can seem like the easier option, it could become a bit boring towards the end of the holiday. Being self-catered means that you can immerse yourself in the local culture, by eating at the local restaurants and cafes. 

3. It’s more flexible.

Self-Catering means that you can make the decision when it comes to how you eat and drink. This can be really helpful if you are going away with anyone who is picky when it comes to food, or has any special dietary requirements – you wouldn’t want to become sick whilst you’re away. 

By sorting out your own food, you can enjoy any cuisine you like, and decide what time you would like to eat. There would be nothing worse than having a late night, deciding to have a bit of a lie in, and having to wait till the next meal time!