Best Reasons to Choose an Adult-Only Hotel Break in North Wales

There are lots of travellers out there who still don’t quite grasp the concept of “adults-only”, and others who just think that they are simply travelling to a hotel that doesn’t accept children. Others out there are under the impression that adults-only means nudist holidays or those with ulterior motives! Whatever your personal reasons are for choosing an adults-only hotels Llandudno, we want to share some of our reasons with you. 

Specialised for Couples
An adults-only hotel is focused on the two of you, no children there to distract you - you can simply just be together in the moment. No children’s buffet to navigate, this is a space for adults to calmly and politely get their food in peace! You can relax on the terrace outside, with stylish armchairs and a beautiful view that isn’t going to be interrupted by children playing ball games. The aim of an adults-only hotel is to make it as relaxing a stay as possible!

Why not Holiday Without the Children?
Assuming that you have children, why not have a grown ups only holiday without them? We know that you love them dearly, they’re a fun and amazing part of our daily lives, but there are some moments out when you need to have some time-out. Children often have very different expectations of a holiday than you do, so why not try it out and take some time for just the two of you to book a children free holiday! You will notice the difference immediately, especially with no kids running through the hotel corridors. Disconnect from being a full-time parent, and you’ll come home with freshly charged batteries!

Adults-Only is for Everyone
Don’t fall into the trap and believe that adults-only is only for those looking in the five star price bracket! You’ll find adults-only hotels in all star categories, of course the luxury section will stay as it is, but there are lots more affordable options out there for people to try out an adults-only hotel break.

Modern Hotels
Have you gotten bored of travelling to the same hotel or area? With the same decor and furnishings? The majority of adults-only hotels have been decorated with modern themes and they are constantly being updated. 

Relight the Passion
We all know how difficult it can be to get a few minutes alone when you have kids, let alone any longer! When was the last time you had a quiet drink with your partner? Can’t remember? Then it’s definitely time to book an adults-only break! Rekindle the romance in your relationship with a break away from the kids. 

Explore the Local Area
When was the last time you went on a day trip and explored somewhere new, without having to think about packing a bag full of stuff for the kids? Staying at an adults-only hotel in North Wales will give you the chance to explore the beautiful surrounding areas without having to consider if the kids will enjoy a long walk up to the mountains!