Saving Money with a Self-Catering Holiday

Very few holidays offer the freedom of self-catering Aberdovey break. From being able to eat what you want, when you want, to giving you the chance to explore a new place - there’s no surprise that self-catering holidays are on the rise in the UK. Here are some tips to make it a memorable trip that doesn’t break the bank!

Bring Essentials
We’ve all been here before, you arrive at your accommodation and then jet off to the nearest shop or supermarket to buy everything you need. Lots of multipacks, family-sized boxes and those big bargains you simply couldn’t refuse! However, it comes to the end of the week, and you realise that you’ve barely made a dent in your purchases. 
For your next trip, plan in advance to avoid that last day frustration of trying to pack all that food into your car instead of wasting it. Bring what you need; teabags, coffee, spices, seasonings, toilet roll, washing up liquid, surface wipes and a small roll of bin bags. 

Plan Your First Morning & Evening
If you’re going to be arriving at your accommodation late or really early - heading straight to the local shop or supermarket isn’t going to be high on the agenda. Instead, if you plan your first morning and evening before you leave then your holiday will be off to a smooth start. Bring a ready-made meal with you to have when you arrive, and enough food to cover breakfast the next morning.

Think Like a Local
If you’re staying in a resort, beware of not falling into the tourist trap shops or supermarkets as these places always chuck a huge premium on prices. Instead, why not shop where the locals go - this might mean a bit of a drive or walk, but you’ll be rewarded with fairer prices and a much more enjoyable selection of produce. 

Head to a Market
Trying out new foods can be one of the most exciting parts of going on holiday. Nothing beats the buzz of visiting the local market and exploring what’s on offer. From colourful bundles of locally grown fruits or vegetables, to freshly baked artisan bread or wedges of locally produced cheeses. 

Keep it Simple
Lets keep it real here, you don;t really want to spend the majority of your holiday slaving away for hours in the kitchen. This is where a one-pan dish really comes into its own, and don’t worry, low-effort doesn’t equate to bland or boring meals. These easy to make, space-saving, minimal-washing up wonder meals can be jam-packed full of flavour!

Order in Advance
If you’re going to be staying in the UK, take a proper break from your normal routine and avoid going to the supermarket in general. Set up a food order the week beforehand from a local supplier. Just think about it, no need for any long trips to the supermarket, stuffy car drives and no carrying back any heavy shopping bags! It is a holiday after all.