North Wales Attractions on Lonely Planet’s ‘Ultimate Travel List’

Four popular North Wales attractions have been included in the prestigious Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List - which ranks the best 500 experiences from around the world. It includes outdoor adventures like walking the Welsh Coastal Path and exploring Snowdonia, to some enriching cultural attractions such as Portmeirion and Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. 

As a whole, the UK has taken the rankings by storm with 34 entries on the list, making the UK home to more must-see experiences than any other country in the world. Lonely Planet has long been regarded as being the leading global travel authority, with this list of 500 being the ultimate guide for the most thrilling and memorable travel experiences in the world. 

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According to Lonely Planet, the destinations and experiences they have included in the list are a mix of knock-out new openings, sights that have since upped their game or places that have become much more relevant to the way we now travel. Almost half of the dream recommendations are related to the outdoors or wildlife experiences which truly does reflect the growing desire from world travellers to experience more of the natural world. 

The UK can provide a mix of open-air experiences alongside a plethora of cultural highlights, which is reflected in the glowing recognition of so many of Wales’ beloved attractions. The Welsh Coastal Path, which follows along the entire coastline of Wales, is not only the top of the Welsh experiences, but it is the highest ranking UK entry into the list - claiming number 82.  

The seven Welsh locations include:

  • Welsh Coastal Path

  • Brecon Beacons

  • Snowdonia

  • Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway

  • St David’s Cathedral

  • St Fagan’s National History Museum

  • Portmeirion

“This little Celtic country’s biggest hit on our list is the long distance path that traces the entirety of its coastline, the 1,400km Wales Coastal Path.” Wales has a lot to offer travellers from all over the world, and this recognition in one of the most prestigious and well-known travel guides will only help the growing tourism industry in Wales thrive. 

The new book describes Snowdonia as brimming with “beauty and myth” and goes on to day that Portmeirion is both “captivating and slightly unnerving”. Lonely Planet also changed the way they calculated the list for this second edition, they rewarded extra points to sights which are managing tourism sustainably.