Scenic Spots in Snowdonia


The land of sweeping valleys and wide-open spaces - with winding rivers and gorgeous craggy and green filled mountains, dotted with glassy lakes and flowing streams. It’s no wonder that Snowdonia attracts tonnes of people each and every year. Sights that will leave you at a loss for words, breathtaking vistas and quiet spots to sit and enjoy the wilderness - alone or with loved ones. There is a great selection of hotels Snowdonia to stay at while you are here.


It feels like the best place to begin this list is at the summit of Wales’ highest peak and indeed the highest peak in all of the southern nations of the UK - Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). This impressive 1,085 above sea level peak is so immense. Picture sweeping 360-degree views displaying a panorama of outstanding scenery, be it gorgeous trees, vast lakes, craggy mountainsides and much more!


Proving very popular with rock climbers, and hikers alike the Llanberis pass is an immensely popular route for those who visit north wales. Historical slate mounds, vast mountainsides, the twin lakes of Llyn Padarn and Llyn Peris visible clearly, like a pair of crystalline teardrops in the distance means that so many people have taken to this particular spot as one of the most noteworthy in all of Snowdonia. If a walking route isn't what you are looking for, then you can make a choice in driving through the narrow countryside or even hop on a tour bus to take in the truly staggering views down the valley.

Cwm Bychan

This very remote location will treat visitors with a washing feeling of peace and serenity. Meandering streams host a great deal of wildlife and sun-imbued hillsides as well as amazing rock formations - a walk in nature is all but guaranteed to offer an array of natural sightings of all varieties to soak up.

Rhinog Mountains

Often hailed as Snowdonia’s best-kept secret - many people who descend the incredibly tallest peak - they can overlook the surrounding landscape and the charms involved in this path are less trodden. If you want a hike away from the bustle of crowds then this could be the place for you. You will pass the azure waters of Llyn Hywel, a great sight to see.

Mawddach Estuary

The encircling hills surrounding the mighty Mawddach estuary have been stunning the hearts and minds of those who look upon them for a number of years. With the luscious wooded hillsides and glassy mirrored waters, there really is so much to see! Be it ocean views, treasures of yesteryear and much more. It really is an incredible landscape and nothing short of astounding to visit and explore the details of. There are a plethora of hiking and cycling trails to enjoy, which each come alongside a varying level of ability - there really is something for everyone.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea of the wondrous scenery there is to be looked upon in this vast glorious area we know as Snowdonia, be sure to make the most of it.